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F1 23 Bahrain Setup Guide

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This F1 23 Bahrain Setup guide aims to guide you through the process of putting together the best pre-race setting to make the most of the track’s own quirks. I will detail what each track is like, and what aerodynamics, brakes, and tyres to focus on to succeed.

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F1 Bahrain Setup Guide


Bahrain is one of the few rear-intensive tracks on the F1 calendar and will wear your tyres down. It has lengthy straights to hit your max speed as well as harsh braking zones to keep you tested.


A low downforce setup is recommended here. You need to keep your speed high enough to make the most of the straights and keep that speed through corners. If you go with a downforce that’s too high you’ll limit your speed in the straights and lose time.


Keep the on-throttle differential low to make accelerating out of slow turns a little bit easier.

Suspension Geometry

This tracks geometry is going to confuse some. Reduce toe and go with a low rear camber angle to reduce drag and keep traction on the rear. However, on the front camber angle I’d recommend going with a high angle to hit the corners head-on.


Soft suspension is the only option in Bahrain. That will help you navigate the kerbs with more stability.


Average brake bias is what this track asks for. Tyre locking can be a big issue for this track so a medium bias is the best option.


As mentioned above, Bahrain is rear intensive on the car so reduce the tyre pressure on the rear set, the front set can remain higher.

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That is all for this F1 23 Bahrain setup guide. Did we omit anything? Be sure to chime in and let us know!

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