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Town of Salem 2 Roles Guide

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Town of Salem 2 is an online sequel to Town of Salem, it is currently in Early Access over on Steam. In this Town of Salem 2 roles guide I will be detailing every town role, based on its type, and will run down the benefits of each role to help you decide on a role.

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Town of Salem 2 Roles

Town Investigative


Coroner’s can perform an autopsy on one dead player a day in search of clues to see who the killer is. During the night they investigate and try to find the killers.


This role is able to select two players and will be told if they’re on opposing factions


Receives a vision every night. Every odd-numbered day they see a list of three players, one of whom is definitely evil. On ever even-numbered day they see a list of two players, one is definitely good.


This role can select a player and will be told who visited them at night.


The Spy can bug a player and receive updates on what has happened to them, they can also see hidden effects.


The Sheriff can interrogate a player for suspicious behaviour.


This role can investigate someone’s house for incriminating evidence to learn if they’ve attacked anyone


Can see who a player visits

Town Protective


Protects someone else from one direct attack. Can protect yourself on two occasions.


Can cast a barrier to grand powerful defense to another player. Once per game you can cast a barrier to protect yourself


This role can spend a night building a trap which can be placed in a player’s house. If someone attacks the player in the house you’ve placed the trap in you will protect the target and deal a major attack to the attacker.


This role can protect someone by attacking one random visitor

Town Killing


You can shoot a player at night. If you kill a player you will die at the beginning of the next day


Can go on high alter and shoot any visitors it receives at night


This role can redirect attacks dealt towards it to another player


Can shoot a player do deal a powerful attack. If you shoot a townie then the townie and you will die.

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Town Support


Will automatically remember the role of the first townie to die at night


Can select one other player to propose to. This proposal being accepted or rejected will lead to different scenarios.

Tavern Keeper

Can roleblock a player at night, the player you roleblock will be immune to this effect the next day


Can raise a dead townie from the dead to use their roles ability

Town Power



Can reveal themselves as mayor


This role may knight one character every night building up a defense for themselves


Can prosecute a player and guarantee a guilty verdict. If you prosecute a townie then you die immediately

Neutral Evil





This role will attempt to guess 3 players roles each night. If they guess correctly, it will kill all 3 players.

Neutral Killing

Serial Killer




Neutral Apocalypse


Chooses one player to visit each night and infect them. This infection can spread  through visits and if every player becomes infected you will unleash an apocalypse


Each successful kill makes the Berserker more powerful until it becomes War.

Soul Collector

Collect one soul from a player each night. If six souls are collected then this player becomes Death. They will then attempt to guess what player will be killed during the night and if guessed correctly, Death will kill everyone in the town.


The baker can give bread to one person each day. Once 3 people have recieved bread the Baker will become the Famine and every other character will die. The 3 bread receivers will then need to figure out who the Famine is or they will starve to death

Coven Power

Coven Leader

Hex Master


Coven Killing



Guess a player’s role every night. If you’re correct the player will be dealt an unstoppable attack. If you guess wrong your role is revealed to everyone.


The Jinx can wait at a certain targets house and will attack one random visitor. Every visitor will learn your identity, however.

Coven Utility

  • Potion Master
  • Necromancer
  • Poisoner
  • Voodoo Master
  • Wildling

Coven Deception




Choose to invade one townies dreams. If the target isn’t visited by anyone then they will go insane the next night.


Enchant a player with evil each night



Cursed Soul

That is all for our Town of Salem 2 roles guide. We will be sure to update this with any more information on some of the newer roles as it becomes available. Is there any other ToS2 content you’d like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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