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Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Xur location and inventory overview

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Where is Xur? Xur is Destiny 2’s Exotic gear merchant, and he appears every weekend to sell coveted items in exchange for Legendary shards. But, if you’re a casual player with limited shards to spend, it can be hard to know which items you should purchase from his inventory. That’s where we come in.

The Exotic merchant provides plenty of excitement in the free PC game due to his ever-changing inventory and the hope that he might arrive with a god roll. Read on to learn a little about the Destiny 2 Xur schedule, where you can typically find him, and what you’ll usually find in his inventory.

Xur is located in the Winding Cove of the EDZ from July 28 to August 1.

He is currently selling the following Exotics:

The Wardcliff Coil – Rocket Launcher
Blast Radius 25
Velocity 95
Stability 55
Handling  80
Reload Speed 30
Recoil Direction 60
Rounds Per Minute  60
Magazine  1

Mad Scientist: Shoots a long volley of rockets.

Although it’s not extremely practical relative to other Exotic rocket launchers, The Wardcliff Coil is a fun weapon regardless and worth having in your inventory.

Each of the following Exotic armor pieces from Xur will cost 23 Legendary shards.

Gwisin Vest – Hunter Chest Armor
Mobility 21
Resilience 11
Recovery 2
Discipline 13
Intellect 15
Strength 2
Total 64

Roving Assassin: Vanish after Spectral Blades kills for more Super energy.

Although it’s only practical with specific Void builds, this can be an interesting piece to add to your collection to help you chain Supers.

Khepri’s Horn – Titan Helmet
Mobility 14
Resilience 18
Recovery 3
Discipline 14
Intellect 2
Strength 15
Total 70
    Solar Rampart: Solar kills recharge a Solar blast Barricade, which also scorches targets when summoned.
    This is a powerful Titan Solar Exotic, especially since Bungie recently adjusted it so the Barricade scorches targets as of season 21.
Winter’s Guile – Warlock Gauntlets
Mobility 10
Resilience 12
Recovery 12
Discipline 10
Intellect 6
Strength 17
Total 67

Warlord’s Sigil: Melee kills increase melee damage.

This has a decent roll and is worth having, and is particularly useful for those experimenting with builds that emphasize chaining melee attacks.

As usual, Xur is also selling Hawkmoon and Dead Man’s Tale. This weekend’s perks are in the right-hand column. These each cost 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary shards, one Exotic Cipher, and one Ascendant Shard.

Weapon Weapon type Perk
Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon Opening Shot
Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Scout Rifle Outlaw

What Legendary items is Xur selling?

This weekend, Xur is selling the following for 50 Legendary shards and 1,000 Glimmer each:

Weapon Type Frame Perk 1 Perk 2
Gridskipper Pulse Rifle Rapid-Fire Frame Tunnel Vision Multikill Clip
Seventh Seraph VY-7 Submachine Gun Precision Frame Fourth Time’s the Charm Dragonfly
Extraordinary Rendition Submachine Gun Aggressive Frame Zen Moment Thresh
IKELOS_SR_V1.0.3 Sniper Rifle Rapid-Fire Frame Fragile Focus Incandescent
Sole Survivor Sniper Rifle Adaptive Frame Outlaw Focused Fury
Just In Case Sword Adaptive Frame Unrelenting Incandescent
Bad Omens Rocket Launcher Aggressive Frame Field Prep Kill Clip

The Seventh Seraph VY-7 is a solid SMG, particularly with Fourth Time’s the Charm, which adds two rounds to the magazine after a series of precision hits, and Dragonfly, which causes kills to grant an elemental damage explosion. Similarly, both the IKELOS sniper rilfe, and Just in Case are interesting rolls as they both have Incandescent, which spreads scorch to nearby targets when you defeat an enemy. Considering there are a number of Solar fragments you can apply that grant various bonuses from defeating scorched targets, pairing either of these weapons with a solid Solar build is a no-brainer.

This weekend’s armor set is the Dead Orbit armor set.

What time does Xur appear?

Xur appears every Friday at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST and will stick around until Tuesday’s Destiny 2 weekly reset. The reset takes place on Tuesdays at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 6pm BST.

All Destiny 2 Xur locations

When Xur visits, the map won’t show his location. Therefore, players must seek him out during his weekly visits. Luckily, it’s not that hard to find him because he will always arrive at one of the following three locations:

Hangar, The Tower

When Xur visits the Tower, he hangs out in the Hangar area. The Hangar is the far right portion of the map, where you can also find Amanda Holliday, the shipwright, and Saint-14, who runs Trials of Osiris. To find Xur in the Hangar, enter the open area and immediately head north. You can find him near a set of stairs at the back of the building.

Destiny 2 map depicting Xur's location in the Tower Hangar.

Winding Cove, EDZ

If Xur is visiting the EDZ, you will find him in the Winding Cove area on the map. To get to his location, you should fast-travel to that region and head directly north. He’ll be standing at the edge of a rocky cliff, ready to dole out his wares.

Destiny 2 map showing Xur's loaction in the EDZ.

Watcher’s Grave, Nessus

When Xur visits Nessus, he stands near the top of a large, red tree in Watcher’s Grave. Find him by fast traveling to Watcher’s Grave and heading north until you see the tree. The incline for the tree will be on the north side, so find it and follow it up to find the Agent of the Nine.

Destiny 2 map showing Xur's location in Watcher's Grave.

Xur doesn’t cycle his visits in any particular order, so you may find him at the same location multiple weeks in a row.

Destiny 2 Xur inventory

Although Xur’s actual inventory changes every week, the types of goods he carries remain consistent from week to week.

Xur will always have Exotic engrams, and every week, you can purchase one for 97 Legendary Shards. You can also get a second one with an Exotic Cypher, which you can earn by getting a quest from Xur and completing the objectives. These Exotics are guaranteed to be one non-quest exotic that you haven’t already discovered as that class. If you already have all non-quest exotics, then it’s guaranteed to be a different roll than the Exotics you already have.

He also carries a different Exotic weapon each visit, which is available for 29 Legendary Shards.

He’ll also have one Exotic armor piece for each class, amounting to three separate pieces. These will cost 23 Legendary Shards. The armor pieces will have set stats, so be on the lookout for weeks when he’s selling armor with stats totaling 70 or higher.

Xur also consistently sells two Legendary weapons: Hawkmoon, which is an Exotic hand cannon, and Dead Man’s Tale, which is an Exotic scout rifle. These items each come with a random perk, which stays consistent throughout the weekend.

Finally, Xur always offers a collection of old Legendary weapons and armor with specific randomly-assigned traits and stats that remain consistent throughout his visit. Most of these items are otherwise tricky to find because they are from past seasons. These cost 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Exotic Cipher quest

In addition to various Exotics, Xur also sells an Exotic Cipher quest. Called the Xenology Exotic Quest, this is effectively a bounty that will task you to complete a couple of Strikes, Gambit matches, or something similar. When you complete the task, you can purchase an additional Exotic Engram from Xur. Note that you can only carry one Exotic Cipher at a time, so this quest won’t be available to Guardians already carrying one.

Who is Xur?

You know what he sells, but what about who he actually is? Also known as the Agent of the Nine, Xur is a mysterious Jovian merchant who shows up in a different location every week to sell rare gear to Guardians. He’s appeared in both Destiny games so far, and while not much is known about him, he claims that he has no agency and is merely a servant of the Nine.

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