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How to Make Mining Charges

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This Techtonica Mining Charges guide aims to detail how to make Mining Charges which are vitally important to in-game progression. These charges are needed to clear the Atlantum Ore blocking your way to a rescue signal so they are essential for every player. In this guide we will be detailing what is needed to make them and how to get there.

Techtonica is currently available over on Steam. Be sure to check out the Early Access title.

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How to make Mining Charges in Techtonica


This should go without saying but you have to have scanned some Mining Charges in order to make more. Chances are that if you’re reading this then you have already done so as the Mining Charges are in the same area as the Paladin Databank that kickstarts your search.

If you haven’t scanned the blueprint then you’ll need to find the area where you previously visited to place the Crank Generators and open the locked door within the facility by using 40 Processor Cores.

The Mining Charge and databank are both in this room along with two other resources that aren’t linked to this particular article.

Once the Mining Charge has been scanned you can work to unlock it from the Tech Tree which will make you eligible to make some.

Shiverthorn Extract

The first of two materials required to make the Mining Charges is Shiverthorn extract. The first step is to put the necessary seed into planters. Once this crop has grown you can harvest the produce and put it through the Thresher.

This will produce Shiverthorn Buds. Run those through the Thresher again to receive the Shiverthorn Extract needed for this recipe.

Kindlevine Extract

In a similar process you will need to put Kindlevine seeds into a Planter and allow them to grow. Once you have produced some Kindlevine put it through the Thresher.

Running this through the Thresher will produce Kindlevine Extract and the stick-like substance used to make Plantmatter Fibre which players should be familiar with already.

With these steps followed you should pretty easily be able to make Mining Charges to start blowing your way through the Atlantum Ore that blocks your path. You will need quite a few charges to clear it all so don’t just make a handful, bring a lot with you.

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That is all for this how to make Mining Charges guide for Techtonica. Did we omit anything? Are there any other Techtonica guides you would like to see from us? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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