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How to Craft Ancestral Forge in V Rising

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In this V Rising guide, I will be detailing how to build an Ancestral Forge. The game has quickly shot up Steam charts following the release of the Gloomrot update. The Ancestral Forge is an important tool to acquire as it can help you repair shattered weapons, something that can be very helpful as the game progresses.

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How to Build Ancestral Forge in V Rising

Get Blueprint

To start off with you have to acquire the blueprint for this item. To do this you will have to defeat Raziel the Shepherd who is a level 57 boss. Once he is defeated drink his blood and you will unlock the blueprint for the Ancestrial Forge.


You’ll need to collect the following materials in order to craft the forge:

  • Iron Ingot
  • Primal Blood Essence
  • 8 Radium Alloys

All of these materials can be crafted but will require you having their blueprints already or going and obtaining the blueprints by defeating the necessary enemies.


Once you have those materials and the blueprint you can craft as normal before placing the Ancestral Forge in your castle to make use of its benefits. This tool repairs shattered weapons.

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That is all for our V Rising guide on how to build the Ancestral Forge. Did we omit anything? Would you like to see more coverage of the game? Be sure to chime in and let us know!

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