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Whetstone Locations in V Rising

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V Rising players will be keen to find Whetstone locations as soon as they can as this material is very important to the crafting aspect of the game. V Rising has recently shot up the Steam charts thanks to the release of the gloomrot update and the additions that has made to the gameplay. In this article, I will be focusing specifically on Whetstone and where to find it.

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Whetstone Locations in V Rising

One of the first key places to go to find this material is the Bandit Armory. This space sees enemies drop the resource as well as chests and other boxes filled with enough to make some important tools.

There are three other spots in which you can find this material, all of which are linked in some manner to bandits. The first two are in Farbane Woods as the Bandit Stronghold and Bandit Encampment both contain Whetstone.

The final place is in the Dunley Farmlands, here in Bastion Dunley you can find the material. Whetstone can also be crafted after a certain point using a furnace but if you’re aiming to get some quickly then the four spots named above are the way to go.

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That is all for our guide on Whetstone locations. Did we omit anything? Is there any other content you would like to see about V Rising? Be sure to chime in and let us know.

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