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What Are The Secret Dungeons In Summoners War

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In Summoners War, players can obtain new monsters trough events, summoning scrolls, the Temple of Wishes, or find them in Secret Dungeons. Such dungeons are hidden dungeons that players can find as a random reward by clearing stages in the Halls of Elements (Hall of Fire, Water, Wind, Light, Dark).

Secret Dungeons consist of 10 stages, each having a certain amount of Monsters that have to be defeated to continue. After clearing a stage, the player will receive a certain amount of summoning pieces of that monster, depending on how many stages have been cleared successfully.

When enough summoning pieces have been obtained, the monster can now be summoned at the Summoning Circle.

However, Secret Dungeons are only available for 1 hour after their discovery. Also, only one Secret Dungeon can be discovered at a time, but players can enter other Secret Dungeons of befriended players. If 10 different players have entered the dungeon at least once, other players will be unable to enter the dungeon for the rest of its time.

As a bonus, the player who discovered the dungeon will receive 1x summoning piece per entered player.

Required summoning pieces per monster:

Star-Tiers: Required summoning pieces:
1-Star monster 10 pieces
2-Star monster 20 pieces
3-Star monster 40 pieces
4-Star monster 50 pieces
5-Star monster 100 pieces

Note: summoning pieces for 5-Star monsters are only available in the Guild Shop, and Ancient Coin Shop. While summoning 4-star ones you should save your stones until you get the best monsters in your rotation.

Secret Dungeons can not only be found as a random reward after clearing a Hall of Element. In the Crafting Buildings “Special” section, there is an option to open a secret dungeon for a small price of 5x Magic Dust, 10,000 Mana Stones, and 10 Middle Essences of the element as the dungeon open that day.

Also, a player can open a specific Hall of Element for 200 crystals for a certain amount of time. While the Hall of Element is open, there is a small chance to find a Secret Dungeon.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a specific monster which can be found in a Secret Dungeon, I highly recommend checking the chat channels, and asking other players if they can add you, so you can enter their discovered dungeon. Click here if you want to learn more about the runes or skilling monsters in Summoners War.

Summoners War secret dungeon

Secret Dungeon Drop-Rates:

5Stage: Base Reward: Chance of additional piece:
1 0 33%
2 0 66%
3 1
4 1 33%
5 1 66%
6 2
7 2 50%
8 3
9 3 50%
10 4

Discoverable Secret Dungeons:

Find the Hardest Dungeons – Best Loot

Secret Dungeons are discovered in the Hall of Elements, where you partake in elemental battles that rotate daily. However, these coveted dungeons are not available on demand. They randomly open when you defeat an elemental guardian, offering a thrilling element of surprise. The higher the difficulty level you choose, the higher the chance of a Secret Dungeon appearing.

The most challenging Secret Dungeons are those of the Light and Dark elements, typically available on Sundays and Mondays respectively. They house some of the most powerful and rare monsters, making them a worthwhile challenge for those seeking to elevate their gameplay.

However, beware! These dungeons are not for the faint-hearted and will test your team’s strength and your strategic prowess to their limits. So, ready your best monsters, fine-tune your strategies, and brace yourself for the Summoners War challenge!

Remember that sometimes you have to do something unexpected to get the best outcome:

Final Words

The hunt for secret dungeons in Summoners War is an exhilarating part of the gameplay that requires strategy, courage, and a well-prepared team.

These dungeons, particularly those of the Light and Dark elements, offer the potential for substantial rewards, making every battle a thrilling and rewarding venture. But remember, in Summoners War, the true victory lies not only in the strength of your monsters, but also in your tactical acumen and adaptability.

Embark on this adventure, embrace the challenge, and let every battle forge you into a better summoner. Happy summoning!


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