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Embark Studios Adds PvP To Arc Raiders

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Embark Studios has shifted the scope of its upcoming shooter, Arc Raiders. The game was first announced in 2021 as a co-op PvE-focused experience about working together to battle invading alien machines. Now, the game will have a PvP element thrown into the mix.

In an update, Embark reveals that since delaying Arc Raiders to focus on finishing its other upcoming title, The Finals, it’s added competitive play as well as an extraction element. The game still unfolds on a far future Earth ravaged by sentient machines, but now teams must compete with other human players in addition to the in-game enemies. Furthermore, the game adopts extraction-based objectives by tasking players to locate and retrieve resources scattered across the world for their squad. Here’s Embark’s pitch for what Arc Raiders now entails:

People have fled to the underground colony of Speranza, seeking supplies to survive, and shelter from the machines. Demand for resources is at an all-time high. But getting those resources is a risky job, and it isn’t for everyone.

But it is a job for you.

That’s why you’ve enlisted as a Raider, scavenging for vital supplies that are scattered across the landscape. Everything from leftovers from yesterday’s run-in with ARC to the unlikely remains of a pinball machine.

Out there, the stakes are high, and you will have to fight for your loot. Lethal ARC machines roam the surface. And there are no rules in Calabretta, so beware of other Raiders.

With the traders in Speranza, trust is hard-earned and easily lost. You need to earn your keep. So don’t come back from a quest empty-handed.

When you see another Raider chased by a swarm of ARC drones, do you go in for the kill? Do you lend a helping hand? Or do you hold back and feast on the valuable remains?

Embark plans on launching a closed alpha test, giving players who sign up on their website the first opportunity to go hands-on with Arc Raiders. The game still has no release date, but it’s coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

What do you think of this new premise for Arc Raiders? Let us know in the comments. 


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