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Murtop from Flynn’s Arcade and hiulit is a colorful arcade-style experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Murtop review!

Murtop from Flynn’s Arcade and hiulit is a colorful arcade-style experience on Nintendo Switch. It draws inspiration from titles from the 1980s such as Dig Dug, which was released way back in 1982. It also adds a dash of Bomberman for good measure. You’ll be taking control of Murti, a rabbit that must do whatever it takes to save everyone from an invasion of carrot-hungry moles. The game includes 256 single-screen stages, as well as a kill screen. This is an homage to games such as the original Pac-Man, which you couldn’t play past the 256th level since one of the screen would turn into a jumbled mess.

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To make this one feel as close to the arcade games of the 1980s – you know, that we used to play at these places called arcades that housed dozens of cabinets in one spot – Murtop has a 16 color palette as well as pixel perfect scaling. The game has an old-school style attract mode, just like arcade games used to back in the day. You can also apply a CRT filter to give Murtop the right look. You can even use TATE mode to rotate the screen to play this one with a full vertical screen presentation.

You’ll control Murti with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as he digs around each level to collect the carrots on the screen as fast as possible. You will also be able to launch a bomb with the Y button, giving you a second and change to move out of the way. You should work on having an escape plan at all times, so that you can defeat enemies before they trap you. There are also rocks that you can use to crush enemies as well.

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To clear a level, you must defeat all enemies, with collecting carrots acting as a way to boost your total score. Because of this, you’ll need to plan your path as soon as you start a level, so that you don’t leave yourself open to that many mistakes. Your bombs can hurt you, so if you drop a bomb and not move out of the way right away, you’ll end up going boom along with your opponents. You could also consider defeating more than one enemy at once by having them chase after you before dropping a bomb, or crushing more than one enemy.

Murtop is a colorful and fun arcade-style experience on Nintendo Switch. It’s a game that pays homage to the single-screen classics of the 1980s, drawing inspiration in particular from Dig-Dug and Bomberman for an experience that will take you through 256 levels as you work your way towards the kill screen that will end your journey. Murtop is out on Nintendo Switch with a low price of only $4.99.

This Murtop review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Flynn’s Arcade.


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