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No More Rainbows Mixes Super Meat Boy & Super Mario Bros On Quest 2

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No More Rainbows promises a VR mix between Super Meat Boy & Super Mario Bros, and it’s arriving next month on Quest 2.

Note: This article was first published on April 24. It was updated and republished with a new headline, lede and minor edits to reflect the game’s release date.

Developed by Squido, No More Rainbows is an adventure platformer where you play as The Beast, who finds their moody homeworld turned into a blissful paradise. Using arm-based locomotion to run, jump, climb and claw other creatures, this campaign takes place across four different worlds, split between 28 levels “filled with mini-games.” A 3v3 multiplayer mode, online leaderboards for speedrunning and cosmetic customization for The Beast are also confirmed.


“We’ve always chatted about how cool it would be to have a game like Super Meat Boy meets Super Mario Bros in VR,” says Éric Laurent, Marketing and Community Manager at Squido in a prepared statement. “We looked around and saw nobody was making that kind of game, so we decided to do it.”

No More Rainbows reaches Meta Quest 2 on June 1. While the App Lab demo is no longer available, Squido confirms anyone who played it before the full release will receive an exclusive free cosmetic.


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