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Peridot Egg Rays Guide – All You Need to Know

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On the hunt for a Peridot Egg Rays guide? You’ve come to the right place! Our guide covers all you need to know about Egg Rays, including how to get them, and what they can be used for.

Peridot is an AR mobile game that features pet-collecting gameplay! Visit real-life Habitats to find a variety of unique Dots with your friends, or take a relaxing solo stroll during your lunch break. Play with your Dots, feed them, rub their bellies, and give them stylish outfits! You can also take part in the super fun Hatch-a-Dot feature, which allows you to hatch brand-new Dots with fellow players.

For more information on the game, visit the official website, or follow the Twitter page! For more Peridot content, take a look at our Peridot breeding guide. If you’re looking for new games to play, check out our Pokemon Violet/Scarlet codes, and our Project Bronze Forever codes.

Peridot Egg Rays Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Egg Rays

So, you might be wondering what Egg Rays are. In short, they’re a handy consumable that can be used to basically provide you with an “X-Ray” of an egg.

Let’s say you want to see what the Dot will look like as an adult before you select which egg you want to hatch. Well, with an Egg Ray, you can do that! It’s handy for when you want to make sure you’re hatching the egg you want.

Without an Egg Ray, you can only see which traits a Dot will have once they’re an adult. However, sometimes, you’re going to want to see if you like the appearance of a Dot too!

How to Obtain Egg Rays

You can obtain Egg Rays through the daily log-in rewards, though they won’t be available every day. Make sure to log in every day just in case!

Additionally, you can purchase Egg Rays via the in-game shop.


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