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Fix Guide: PS5 Controller Flashing Blue

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There are few feelings worse than your PS5 controller suddenly throwing up some kind of error. Whether it’s the controller failing to work completely or some aspect or element of it not operating as it should, a controller failure often provokes panic and frenzied trips to Google to figure out what’s wrong. This is completely natural behaviour; DualSense controllers aren’t cheap, and so trying to work out where the problem is could potentially save you a lot of money for a replacement or an out-of-warranty repair.

One of the most common issues experienced by PS5 owners when it comes to the DualSense is a blinking blue light. It can be a little confusing and disorienting when you see this light. What does it mean? How do you fix it? Well, the flashing blue light on a PS5 controller is actually potentially easier to fix than you might think. There are plenty of things you can try before you start thinking about repairs or replacements, so here’s our guide on how to fix the PS5 controller flashing blue.

What does a PS5 controller flashing blue actually mean?

In most cases, if your PS5 controller is flashing blue, it means that the DualSense is trying to connect to your console. If the flashing continues for a long time, then it usually means the controller can’t find the console for whatever reason. This could be due to many factors; there could be an internal fault with the controller, of course, but you could also be trying to find a PS5 that isn’t switched on, for instance, or using a controller for the wrong console.

Some fixes you can try for your PS5 controller flashing blue

Here are some of the fixes you should try if you find your PS5 controller is flashing blue and failing to connect.

Reset your controller

The first thing you should try with any PS5 controller fault is to reset the controller. On the back of the DualSense, you’ll see a small pin-sized hole. Using a SIM tool (or a paperclip, or any other long, very thin object you have to hand), push inside that hole and hold your implement there for a few seconds. This should reset the controller, and hopefully, doing so will have fixed your issue.

Connect your controller via USB

If resetting the controller hasn’t worked, then you should try connecting it via USB cable. Hook up a USB-C cable (any will do – it doesn’t have to be the one that came with your console) and see if your controller manages to connect. If it does, then you know the problem is with the wireless connection element of the process and not necessarily with the controller itself. If not, then you’ll have to move onto another step.

Switch your console off and on

We know that “try turning it off and on again” is the most obvious fix in the world, but hey – it’s a cliche for a reason. If your controller is consistently failing to respond, then it’s a good idea to try turning the PS5 console off and on. We don’t just mean putting it into rest mode (although you should try that as well), but rather switching it off properly and then switching it back on.

To do this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. You’ll hear one beep, and then another beep. Once you hear the second beep, the console has turned itself off completely. Press the power button again after a few seconds and the console should switch itself on again. Hopefully, this will fix your connection issue, because a full shutdown often fixes software or connection problems of this kind.

Try a full power cycle

If even switching the console off and on hasn’t worked, then you could try a power cycle. To do this, repeat the process as we outlined above, but then (and this is the most important step) remove the plug from the wall socket. Switch the socket off, then remove the plug. Wait about a minute (it’s agonising, we know) and then plug the PS5 back in. Switch the console on, and this should fix your issue. 

Disable other Bluetooth devices

If the controller keeps flashing blue, then the problem might be with the Bluetooth connection. It might help to disable other Bluetooth devices in the area, which could be interfering with the DualSense’s attempts to connect. The DualSense shouldn’t struggle to connect over multiple other wireless devices, but you never know. Switch off the Bluetooth on your phone, tablet, and anything else that’s currently using it, as well as headphones or other devices, then try again. 

Update your system software

It could be that a pending system software update is somehow preventing your controller from connecting. This is highly unlikely, but it could happen, so make sure to check your PS5 for potential system software updates. 

You could also try booting the console in safe mode (fully shut down the PS5, then press and hold power until you hear two beeps), where you’ll find the option to update system software, rebuild the database, and reinstall system software. It’s worth trying all of these options if all else fails; it may be that your DualSense is faulty, but Sony support will likely try to walk you through all of these contingencies before they accept a return, so you should make sure you’ve tried absolutely everything before you initiate the support process.


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