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The Evolution of Online Casinos: From PC Gaming to PS5 Gaming

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When the first online casinos appeared in 1996, the global community was pretty excited, and rightly so. This allowed them to play thrilling casino games without travelling to the nearest land-based casino.

It didn’t take much time before the interest in these casino sites grew. New websites kept popping up, and one of the reasons for that is the rapid technological progress that made online gambling available on different platforms and devices. Today, the best new online casinos are available on two or more devices.

Now let’s see what the evolution of online casinos looked like by focusing on the devices where these casinos became available.

The Importance of Personal Computers

Let’s be clear – gambling would’ve been a much less popular activity without PCs and the Internet. When the Internet became available through dial-up connections across the globe and the first websites started popping up, the gambling industry decided to take advantage of this new technology and introduced the first online casinos to PC users in the mid-1990s.

PC gaming, in general, was not at a high level at the time simply because these computers didn’t have the power to display advanced visuals. As computers became more sophisticated, online casinos started evolving too.

For instance, instead of games with just a few colours and simple animations, casino players got 3D graphics, stunning animations, and HD displays. To be fair, not all casino games at online casinos were affected by these changes in PC gaming. Indeed, the latest roulette or blackjack cards look smoother. However, the ones introduced a decade or more ago still look decent.

The situation is a bit different when it comes to slot games. Many new slots include refined graphics and artwork that was unimaginable in the 2000s. Of course, it’s not just the games that started looking better. The same can be said for the casino sites’ appearances.

The navigation became faster and smoother, the search engines were faster, and we also got specially designed live dealer pages in many casinos and other things that PC users could access in a few clicks.

The Emergence of Mobile Online Casinos

When smartphones became mainstream in the early 2010s, many online casinos followed this trend by adjusting their websites. Instead of focusing only on PC users, they also paid attention to mobile (smartphone and tablet) users.

First, the new online casinos had a responsive design. Second, the existing ones overhauled their existing websites, making them mobile-ready. Thanks to this design, mobile users had no problems browsing online casinos, using their features and options, and playing the games available. Needless to say, the software providers did the same thing – they started making mobile versions of their titles.

Additionally, the evolution of online casinos led us to mobile apps. These are native applications, which are usually available in Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, that let players get a better and more immersive mobile experience. These apps include features you can’t find on the site because they were designed especially for this category of players.

PS5 Gaming and Beyond

When someone mentions PS5 gaming, people usually think of video games. However, PlayStation 5, and other gaming consoles (Xbox Series X, PS4, etc.), are more than just gaming consoles. They feature various apps and let users enjoy multiple activities.

In the case of PS5, we should note that real money gambling is officially prohibited. This doesn’t mean that Sony can’t change this decision in the future. Still, PS5 players can enjoy online casinos in a couple of ways.

To start with, there are a few casino games they can play with virtual currencies. Some titles featuring simulated gambling include Prominence Poker, The Four Kings Casino, Slots, and Pure Hold’em. As you can see, some are based on online casinos and let players experience gambling virtually. They can play poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, and other popular games.

You can also find mini-games that are part of adventure/action open-world games like Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto V, or Grand Theft Auto Online. In some cases, they are part of the main story, while in others, these are side missions or optional activities that can improve your score.

Next, every PS5 user can open the browser on the console and enter any online casino they want. This means you can enjoy some of the games found on casino sites on your TV. Of course, the experience depends on the power of your smart TV and the site’s/game’s requirements regarding visuals.

There are rumours that PS5 users will be able to play other games, even VR titles, on the new PSVR2 headset. As for the cooperation between popular gaming consoles and real-money online casinos, we must wait to see what happens in this direction.

Overall, online casinos are part of the gaming scene, be it directly or indirectly, in several ways. Experts agree that they will continue to evolve in the future.


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