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Fortnite Is Getting A New Ranked Mode

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Ranked Play is coming to Fortnite, and it’s coming soon. According to a blog post from last Saturday, the team behind Fortnite will implement the new mode in the 24.40 update, introducing eight main ranks players can progress through. If Epic keeps to their usual schedule, the mode is expected to come this week, but a date has yet to be formally announced.

Once Ranked Play is added to the game, players will be able to toggle it on or off from the main menu. Other than the fact that it’s generally more competitive, there aren’t any major gameplay differences between Ranked and unranked play, though that’s subject to change. In fact, most details about Ranked Play are not concrete, as Epic says this mode is going to be the start of Ranked Season Zero, so they can “make any adjustments to issues and concerns that arise, while also working on additional features and overall improvements for when Ranked starts following the normal Battle Royale Season schedule.”

Ranked Play will be available for both Battle Royale and its popular alternative, Zero Build. You’ll have separate ranks for each mode. However, since Ranked Play is still in development, only certain party sizes will be available. In Battle Royale, you can play Solos, Duos, and Party (this excludes trios), and in Zero Build, you can only play duos. Ranked Play’s Season Zero is set to end when the main season ends (early June), so hopefully, more party options will open up by then.

Ranked Play will also replace Fortnite’s existing Arena mode. Other than the Console Champions Cup, the rest of the tournaments this season won’t have any Ranked requirements. Eligibility for future tournaments will now rely on your rank and “other factors” Epic has yet to specify.

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