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Introducing TrueAchievements’ Xbox Game Pass Leaderboards

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Do you play a lot of games on Xbox Game Pass? If you do, we have some brand new leaderboards you may be interested in checking out.

Here at TrueAchievements, we pride ourselves on having the most comprehensive collection of leaderboards in gaming.

You can find and track yourself across leaderboards based on genres, platforms, regions and countries, and any combination thereof.

You can also measure your Gamerscore, TA score, Game Completions, TA Ratio, and TA Difference for any of these filters.

But getting anywhere near the top of these leaderboards is almost impossible due to how many hours and games have been played by the top gamers on each of them.

Introducing our new Xbox Game Pass Leaderboards

Today we are introducing a new set of Xbox Game Pass Leaderboards, based on all the games currently in Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass LeaderboardsXbox Game Pass Leaderboard for Gamerscore earned

Because the service has games coming and going every couple of weeks, many of our users may find it more interesting and rewarding to try to climb to the top of these leaderboards.

As usual, there are Xbox Game Pass leaderboards for our usual stats:

Clicking on these boards will show you your position (assuming you’ve played at least one game that’s currently in Game Pass).

You can also track your position by clicking on the three-dot menu at the top of the board, and your position will be added to the leaderboards panel on your profile page and updated daily.


What happens when games are removed from Xbox Game Pass?
As soon as they are removed from the service, they will no longer count for these leaderboards!

When are games added and removed from the leaderboards?
Games are added and removed automatically once Microsoft changes the Xbox Game Pass tag on a game in its store. The leaderboards are updated once per day.

Some of the leaderboards are really slow to load
Yes, we noticed that too. There’s a lot of data to sort, and only some of the leaderboard types have perfect indexes on them at the moment, but we’re working on making them faster.

We hope you enjoy these new boards, and if there is enough appetite for them, we will look at adding PC Game Pass and EA Play leaderboards in the near future.


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