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Disney Dreamlight Valley plans to adjust unobtainable Xbox achievement

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We reached out to developer Gameloft and now have an official update on Disney Dreamlight Valley’s currently unobtainable achievement, which Gameloft plans to adjust to make it easier to unlock.

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are currently unable to unlock one achievement in particular: the Renovator achievement for building 30 houses for friends. We reached out to Gameloft, and it seems an adjustment is on the way.

Gameloft to make Renovator achievement “easier to earn”

“The Disney Dreamlight Valley team are regularly adding new characters to the game,” Gameloft tells us. “In fact, since September, we’ve released a total of 25 characters and their homes. With that being said, we have plans to adjust the Renovator achievement in a future update to make it easier to earn.”

Currently, there are around 13 buildable houses in the game. Not every new character has come with a buildable house, leading to concerns around how long it might take before we were able to unlock the Renovator achievement — whether enough characters would be added before the game’s full launch to make it possible, and whether it’ll be possible to unlock this achievement while playing Disney Dreamlight Valley as a free-to-play game or whether any necessary buildable houses might be locked behind paid DLC. However, we know more characters are on the way to Disney Dreamlight Valley, including a racing princess who could be Wreck-It Ralph’s Vanellope. Now, it’s great to hear confirmation from Gameloft that the achievement will most likely be adjusted to be easier to earn.

Next up is an update coming in early summer, with more to come in 2023 — we’ll keep an eye out for what these updates might hold and for a possible adjustment to the Renovator achievement!


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