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HROT Cheat Codes Guide – Full Console Commands List

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This article will detail the HROT Cheat codes currently available. HROT has come out of early access on Steam after initially releasing in early 2021, the FPS retro shooter takes place in Eastern Europe but does have room for some good old-fashioned chat codes that can be unlocked at consoles in the game.

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HROT Cheat Codes

When you load into a level you can access the console, this is where to enter cheat codes in order to unlock their abilities. The following codes are currently the full list of HROT Cheat Codes available:

  • gott – Unlocks god mode
  • zizka – Unlocks all weapons with full ammo
  • pionyr – Unlocks a motorcycle
  • klice – Unlocks all three keys
  • pistolnik – Unlocks second pistol
  • lecba – Unlocks maximum health and armor
  • kouba – Unlocks entire minimap

As someone that grew up on PS2 games cheat codes are quite the throwback which means I’m a big fan of this game giving players so many fun cheats to play around with.

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Did we miss out on anything in our HROT cheat codes list? If so be sure to chime in and let us know. Also, let us know what, if any, additional content you would like to see on this game.

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